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Ruby Software Developer (experienced)



Why working as a developer at Beequip means having impact!

We're a company that's primarily focused on helping small to medium size entrepreneurs to finance their heavy equipment. We do this by offering solutions that solve their real problems. This means that the software that we build helps the entrepreneurs directly and gives us a financially sound and profitable business model. We don't build any vanity tech that doesn't contribute to this. The work that you develop has direct impact on the customers.

Are you up for the challenge?

Solving real problems of users is hard. This means that you'll need to engage with internal and external stakeholders to design a solution direction. It's not just building what they ask, but building what they need.

We don't give you a set of requirements that you have to develop, instead you'll take responsibility and be part of the designing the solution. We think this is challenging, but also extremely rewarding!

Our tech stack

Our main application in which you'll spend the most amount of time is a Ruby on Rails application with a small Bootstrap frontend and some Hotwire sprinkles for our employees and a GraphQL API for all the customer facing applications. We package the application using Docker and deploy it to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. 

We also have multiple React applications written in TypeScript that use the GraphQL API to build the customer facing applications. And some Python applications providing data API's using Flask and Pandas.

What we've developed in the past...

Automatic customer credit approval based on their digital bank statements

Pre-owned equipment valuation

Customer portal

Multi-currency support

Compliance workflow

And what you will be working on

We'd like to give you an insight into what kind of projects you can expect.

Embedded finance

In e-commerce check-out after shopping is easier and simpler as ever. At Beequip we are iterating to an perfect embedded solution for leasing during the customer journey. As easy as check-out with Klarna. We created an API and widget for dealers, traders broker and marketplaces of (heavy) equipment. How can we provide an identical "pay-like-cash" experience for customer who like to lease their equipment? And more sales for the dealers and traders? Instant risk assessment, instant pricing and a minute understanding of the customer journey is what we are striving for. This big challenge is looking for big brains.

Mutation and fraud detection for Small and Medium Enterprises

A new project is an application for fraud detection to study and analyse behavioral patterns and apply location scanning techniques. With the application unusual or irregular patterns in publicly available data sources and data provided during lease application will be identified. When an unusual pattern is detected the business can be asked to clarify a certain irregular pattern.

Instant customer acceptance using document OCR and ML techniques

The ultimate goal is to asses the customer instantaneously and determine the monthly lease price at the moment of application. The challenge is the extensive combination of many equipment categories with different types of leasing contracts requiring different documentation to be submitted during lease application process. An upcoming project is to identify of types of documents, document parsing and subsequent feeding off the data into Beequips risk modules is an essential project to get another step closer to instant customer approval.

Migrating parts of our monolithic application to auxiliary services

Some data analysis is implemented into our main application, in future iterations we want to move these analysis out of the main application to auxiliary services so that we can work together with the data & insights team to develop them further without them having to be reliant on our development capacity.

Ask about other projects, like: Flexibility in lease payments, Valuation of equipment, Adding international functionality, new digital product offering for Equipment showroom financing.


What we expect from you

Developing new features
We've already solved some important problems for our customers. But there are still some problems that we would like to help our customers with. You'll be part of a multi-disciplinary team to research and develop the missing features.

Guarding quality
We are going to develop an application that lasts for a long time. So we want to avoid unnecessary complexitity while still solving the problems for our customers. This means that it helps to communicate clearly and rather spend more iterations than to rush poorly designed software.

Taking ownership
We give you a lot of freedom to research and develop new features. This means that you are going to be in charge of the progress, communication to stakeholders, asking for help when necessary and deploying it to production.

Mentor your peers
You'll work together with people of various experience levels. Sometimes this means that you'll be the one that people rely on. Part of your job is to help your peers in progressing features and to teach them how to fish e.g. using pair-programming or coaching.

What we offer in return

  • A competitive salary based on your experience and skills, we'll discuss the range and whether we can match your expectation in our first meeting;
  • A yearly performance based bonus up to 10% of your yearly salary;
  • A retention bonus of a year salary when 4 years working at Beequip;
  • Non-contributory pension (this means that we pay the pension without any contribution from your side);
  • Unlimited vacation days with a minimum of 20 days;
  • Brand new laptop, we prefer working with an M3 Macbook Pro, but you can choose something else;
  • Personal development time and budget (books, courses, conferences, coaching);
  • Balance between working remotely and in the office, we can discuss this in our first meeting;
  • Friendly atmosphere where we help eachother reach our goals;
  • Good work-life balance, only occasions that we worked a bit longer was when migrating infrastructure outside office hours;
  • Yearly visit to an international conference with your colleagues;
  • Hackweeks where you get room to develop or explore whatever you want.

💬 Contact

Questions? E-mail: werken@beequip.nl